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Everything you need to reduce project waste right out of the box



Best practices assessments
Bring the voices of all your team members to the table with built-in assessments.


Key performance indicators
Keep your projects on track through pre-configured proven KPIs.


Out-of-the-box reports
Make better business decisions with out-of-the-box reports and charts.


Project dashboards
See the true status of your projects at all times through analytical, operational, and strategic project dashboards.


Alerts and reporting
Get alerted on potential problems with embedded predictive analytics rules.


Portfolio balancing
Ensure proper alignment with business goals through portfolio balancing.


Risks and Issues management
Identify and mitigate any threats to success through proactive risk identification and issue resolution.


Integrated standards
Be up and running immediately with out-of-the-box processes and success criteria.


Historic trends
Compare performance to past trends with a repository of all historical project data, findings, and analysis.

Frequent Questions


AMI is the first ‘Strategic Project Intelligence’ digital solution combining human and project data into a real-world status and risk identification engine. AMI enhances project success by properly gauging and predicting success factors.   

First, this system is a proactive, actively engaged project review and reporting system rather than a “cost analysis and past performance system.” AMI will tell you what is happening systemically within the project and what is in front of the project, i.e., risk analysis, future project time-line assessments, and whether the project is structurally sound or if it is in danger of drifting off course. No PPM tool can perform that function. AMI is meant to tell you what will happen in the future, not what happened last month. AMI is effectively a full-time consultant monitoring your projects and providing 360 degree and best practice reporting and communications. Additionally, the cost of Portfolio Management systems on average is in the $500,000+ range and the implementation costs average more than $300,000, as documented by independent sources such as Gartner. 

The AMI solution is not a survey tool. Survey tools don’t come close to AMI’s patented assessment functionality and resulting foresight. AMI is an enterprise software solution including sophisticated analytics, database engine, enhanced security, and best practices that are not found in survey tools. Basic Survey Monkey-like tools are not even in the same comparative space as AMI 

AMI is primarily implemented as a SaaS solution. AMI can optionally be implemented on your premises or deployed exclusively for you in the hosting facility of your choice. Investment is significantly different for a perpetual license model. Please speak to your CAI representative for these options.  

AMI is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) by CAI and access is provided using the SaaS (Software as a Service) approach. Clients access AMI capabilities through the internet. 

AMI is available as a paid for Proof of Concept for up to 90-days with a 1 to 3 year commitment.  Further, our Virtual Project Office service allows your organization to dramatically boost project oversight capabilities without the need to increase staffing. Our team of PMO experts provides support and guidance to help amplify the capabilities and bandwidth of your current team. The Virtual Project Office service will be provided during this trial period and can be bundled into your ongoing service as required.  

AMI is available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution and is available in one, two- or three-year terms. The product is available in one of two methods:  

  1. Multi-Project Pricing (MPP): This allows the clients to purchase usage based upon the number of projects the customer wants to manage (up to 25, up to 50, up to 100, up to 200), or  
  2. Enterprise Critical Pricing (ECP): This option is for those clients that have a significant project with the following attributes:  
    • The project's total investment over two-years is 2% or greater than the client's annual revenue,  
    • The project will have participants involved from three or more BU's in the company and/or outside entities,  
    • The project to be supported will be expected to be rolled out over a minimum of a 12-month period and not to exceed 24-months.  

For more details contact CAI.  

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