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Your All-in-one Governance Solution Pricing

All Core Features Included

Everything you need to reduce project waste right out of the box



Best practices assessments
Bring the voices of all your team members to the table with built-in assessments.


Key performance indicators
Keep your projects on track through pre-configured proven KPIs.


Out-of-the-box reports
Make better business decisions with out-of-the-box reports and charts.


Project dashboards
See the true status of your projects at all times through analytical, operational, and strategic project dashboards.


Alerts and reporting
Get alerted on potential problems with embedded predictive analytics rules.


Portfolio balancing
Ensure proper alignment with business goals through portfolio balancing.


Risks and Issues management
Identify and mitigate any threats to success through proactive risk identification and issue resolution.


Integrated standards
Be up and running immediately with out-of-the-box processes and success criteria.


Historic trends
Compare performance to past trends with a repository of all historical project data, findings, and analysis.

Frequent Questions


The first 'Strategic Project Intelligence' digital solution combining human and project data into a real-world status and risk identification engine. Enhances project success by properly gauging and predicting implementation success factors.

The price shown includes the Governance suite, containing Project Portfolio Management, Project Monitoring, Risk and Issue Management, and Team Collaboration. It also includes application support.

The suite can be expanded with subscriptions to our workforce development tools such as Project Management 2.0 workshops (PMPlus) and the IT Metrics & Productivity Institute consortium (ITMPI). We also host the free, daily Acceleration IT Success newsletter (AITS).

Advanced Management Insight can be fully deployed within a month. There is no hardware or software for you to install. Advanced Management Insight rides on top of any software you already have in place. Thus, it doesn't require replacement of existing operations.

First of all, and perhaps most importantly, the early stage identification of future project problems will immediately become apparent. In the case of a key project, this could be crucial. Secondly, team communication will immediately improve. Out of alignment issue identification and better coordination will occur immediately and lead to efficiency and reduced rework. Management feedback and visibility into the reality of projects will improve. Surprises will decrease dramatically. Best practices implementation, compliance, and learning will accelerate. A complete, trustworthy repository of project performance will begin to build immediately and provide great analytical value for improvement within one year. Advanced Management Insight will become the backbone system replacing many costly, manually intensive, and time consuming current efforts.

Any company that cannot afford to waste more time, money, or other resources configuring yet another doomed-from-the-start solution will find the AMI governance suite ideal for its governance needs. Its short deployment time and pre-packaged, ready-to-use solutions allow for you to start using the suite right out of the box without the hassle of a lengthy and confusing transition period. The Governance suite's built-in best practices, key performance indicators (KPIs), and dashboards have been proven time and time again to effectively govern your IT projects.

AMI is offered as a SaaS implementation. Pricing is based upon number of projects. Please check out our Pricing table above for specifics.

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