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Gain visibility

Get a clear, contextual visualization of all projects and all project event activities, accurate health and status of projects, and accurate tracking performance.


Maintain control

Run the business off metrics. Enforce compliance with set governance process, standards, and best practices.


Obtain optimization

Improve personnel utilization, performance, and productivity by leveraging historical trends, data, and metrics.


As a stakeholder communications platform, AMI reduces the time it takes to collect ALL the information necessary to manage effectively. This includes the ‘beneath the surface’ conditions data that is typically NOT collected, let alone systematically leveraged to improve performance. Based on extensive independent research into operational and project success factors, and CAI’s own 35 years of experience managing complex information technology operations and projects for clients, CAI has identified the key factors that drive results. For the most part, these key factors data can only come from human feedback.

Workforce Development

All solutions pertaining to client workforce development. They range from on-boarding through associate retention and training programs.


Associate Survey

HR initiative to gather anonymous feedback from all of CAI, organized by manager, business unit, and region. The solution consumes demographic data imported from DAX, associate assignment data, and survey feedback to evaluate satisfaction and morale.


Manager Effectiveness (Catalyst)

Ongoing assessment of the impact of CAI’s Catalyst training program on enrolled managers. It collects a formal 360 performance baseline for participants before the start of the class, then assesses how well they are applying concepts over the course of the year following the class.


OKR Tracking (Objective and Key Results)

This solution allows an organization to capture, approve, and track performance against associate OKRs. Performance can be tracked over time and highlight connections between associates with complimentary objectives.

All-in-one solution

Learn how Advanced Management Insight is the all-in-one solution for all your project governance needs.​