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Learn how you can guarantee project success

Advanced Management Insight is your solution for Strategic Project Intelligence

Overview (3 mins)

Learn what Advanced Management Insight is, and why you need it to keep your projects on track and avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. 

Introduction (2 mins)

Learn how AMI is not a typical project management tool. It is the world's first purpose-built solution to deliver Strategic Project Intelligence. 

User's tour (5 mins)

Explore AMI's main features from a user's perspective. This short guide video shows how a user would typically interact with the AMI suite. All out of the box.

How it works (1 min)

Learn about the different components in the AMI suite, and their role in Strategic Project Intelligence, early risk identification, and continuous accurate project status reporting. 

Case study (3 mins)

Teresa Reilly, Director of the Enterprise Portfolio Management Office at the Georgia Technology Authority describes how AMI allowed them to achieve best value for IT dollars.

How you benefit (1 min)

This short video summarizes how you and your organization benefits from using Advanced Management Insight to keep your projects on track.