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Gain visibility

Get a clear, contextual visualization of all projects and all project event activities, accurate health and status of projects, and accurate tracking performance.


Maintain control

Run the business off metrics. Enforce compliance with set governance process, standards, and best practices.


Obtain optimization

Improve personnel utilization, performance, and productivity by leveraging historical trends, data, and metrics.

Now organizations can save money... and projects ... by monitoring the factors that are the Early Warning Signs of project problems.

Dr. Robert Charette - International Risk Management Expert, President, ITABHI Corporation

All-in-one solution for your project governance needs


Complete visibility
Visibility into real time accurate project status


Easy access to data
“At your fingertips” access to data and opinions about important activities and efforts


Quality assurance
Consistent quality assurance and risk assessment processes


Proven standard processes
Out-of-the-box processes, success criteria, and key performance indicators


Performance tracking
Real time performance tracking of all your projects


Resource management
Improved resource performance and productivity


Strategic planning
Portfolio balance and proper alignment with business goals


Compliance enforcement
Enforcement of processes and standards through continuous monitoring


Effective Governance
 Enhanced control of projects via streamlining of compliance and governance tasks

What's included?

Flexible and reliable "out of the box" software for collaboration, communication, and visibility - that can be easily modified as your needs grow and change



Project Portfolio Management

Maximize organizational benefit via optimized resource use and proper portfolio alignment.



Project Monitoring

Pay close attention to critical success factors and keep stakeholders informed.



Risks and Issues Management

Identify & mitigate risks early before they become problems; and resolve issues as they occur.


Speech bubbles

Collaboration Center

Facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing between team members.


Supplementary offerings

Further enhance the effectiveness of your project governance suite with our workforce development offerings



IT Newsletter

Subscribe yourself or your entire organization and get access to thousands of IT management articles daily.



IT Best Practices Online Education

Advance yourself and your team with PDU and CDU approved, online education.


Value for the entire management team


Woman using computer
  • Manage all aspects of your projects
  • Receive early warnings of project risks
  • Manage the human side of your projects
  • Manage by walking around, virtually
Business meeting
  • Clear visibility into project health and status
  • Years of Project Management experience, overnight
  • Consistently applied standard processes on every project
  • A learning organization that boosts performance of every PM
  • Gain true visibility into project status
  • Align IT resources with business needs
  • Ensure compliance with industry best practices
  • Spot early warnings of significant project/program risks
Executive using laptop
  • Align IT resources with your corporate and business line priorities
  • Ensure projects meet cost, schedule, scope, and quality expectations
  • Manage by walking around, virtually
  • Improve IT cost effectiveness
Team member using laptop
  • Gain information to successfully contribute to project
  • Voice opinion and gain feedback

Keep your projects on track

If your business depends on keeping your projects on track, you need Advanced Management Insight