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Capture real-time data

PMs spend a significant portion of their time collecting data and crafting reports. With the Advanced Management Insight suite, that collection, reporting, and analysis is done automatically.

Monitor the factors that drive outcomes

Advanced Management Insight identifies the people (soft data) and project (hard data) metrics that enable you to take corrective action before failure occurs.


See the true health and status of all projects

Advanced Management Insight analyzes soft and hard data against best practices to give you an at-a-glance status of what is going on.

An industry changing application.

Dr. Robert Charette - International Risk Management Expert, President, ITABHI Corporation

How does Advanced Management Insight work?

Advanced Management Insight establishes a proactive quantitative and qualitative approach to project governance and risk management throughout the project life-cycle by:


  Collecting operational project data from your existing systems and people

 Incorporating feedback from all project stakeholders to form a holistic view of each project

 Continuously filtering this data through all historical data, findings, and analysis in a control room like fashion (using our patented control room technology)

 Improving visibility by presenting easy-to-use dashboards identifying areas needing attention

 Building a comprehensive repository of project data and analysis for benchmarking and trending

Key Features


Best practice assessments

Gain valuable insight by capturing stakeholder feedback:

  • Schedule role-specific assessments to ask the right questions of the right people
  • Create a single repository of operational and human data
  • Leverage built-in assessments
  • Relate questions to key performance indicators


Interactive dashboards and reports

Keep projects on track with easy-to-use dashboards and reports identifying areas requiring attention:

  • At-a-glance access to your most important data
  • Drill down capabilities to perform discovery and root cause analysis
  • Easily spot anomalies and potential risks


Automated Quality Assurance Reviews

Get a clear view of operational reality vs desired or best practices via automated, phase-by-phase QA reviews of all your IT projects.

  • Automated analysis and diagnostics based on built-in or custom KPIs
  • Project phase gate checks for improved productivity and consistency
  • Constant analysis of regularly scheduled input from all project stakeholders and project data feeds


Exceptions alerting

Alerts give you early insight into off-track activities and project risks.

  • Early phase risk analysis leading to reduced failure, delays, costs, and improved customer satisfaction
  • Systematic application of best practices with embedded rules
  • Easily extendable to include additional organization-specific knowledge and rules


Benchmarking and trending

Archived historical project data, findings, and analysis provide a base repository for benchmarking and trending ongoing projects

  • View performance trends across a project's lifecycle
  • Compare present project to past performance
  • Capture and review project diary entries

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Keep your projects on track

If your business depends on keeping your projects on track, you need Advanced Management Insight