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Achieve Project Success 

True Project is a compact solution (completed in 7-10 days) that identifies current and potential project problems, their root causes, and level of significance. It visualizes the True status of a project and highlights the key operational indicators so you can easily recognize where attention is needed to prevent challenged of failed projects. You will gain information you have never seen before coming from an independent, best-practices engine with specific insight into your project.


How Does True Project Work?

True Project is delivered by Advanced Management Insight (AMI), a Strategic Project Intelligence solution. It leverages AMI's patented and proprietary assessment process that collects and analyzes all the information necessary to drive success. This includes the ‘beneath the surface’ conditions data that is typically not collected, let alone systematically leveraged to improve performance.

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True Insight in 4 Steps

We will guide you through this simple process.


In-depth Analysis



Early Warning Signs

Early Warning Signs assist with providing timely, objective, action-compelling information 24/7 to avoid project failure. Institutionalizing Early Warning Signs allows organizations to preserve funding by identifying failed projects while they are still developing.

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Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment efficiently evaluates the status of a project by taking a portfolio-based approach. Utilizing three main project types, Strategic, Key Operational, and Support, allows organizations to assess risks and incorporate better management practices to the project.

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Pulse Assessment

Pulse Assessment helps assure successful delivery through gathering data from all stakeholders to allow for early visibility of potential project problems. It analyzes management, quality control, associated risks, team morale, and underlying capabilities.

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$ 495 /Project
  •  Basic Report
  •  Assess 1 Project Manager
$2,495 /Project
  •  Advanced Report
  •  Assess 1 Project Manager
  •  Assess up to 30 Stakeholders
  •  Expert Consultation
$ 11,495 /Project
  •  Advanced Report
  •  Assess 1 Project Manager
  •  Assess Unlimited Stakeholders
  •  Expert Consultation
  •  On-site Expert*
  •  PM 2.0 Training Course*
  • *Plus expenses

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